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Alcohol abuse is a chronic, progressive, and sometimes fatal health problem for our society. Alcohol abuse has certain symptoms that can be started by high stress, work, or unhealthy relationships. If left untreated, alcohol use disorder will only get worse. Like many other disorders, the symptoms of addiction can be temporarily stopped, but without changing your lifestyle & continued recovery maintenance, relapse can occur.

At Care Clinics of Naperville, Inc., our counseling can help you win your battle against alcohol dependence & help you become healthy & sober again.

Alcohol Dependence Causes & Risk Factors

The prevalence and social acceptance of alcohol use in our society is a contributing factor as to why alcohol use disorders are a common health concern. Biologically, alcohol has many negative effects, and it all begins in the brain.  Alcohol effectively changes and alters the way the brain functions, flooding the brain with dopamine. Overtime, a physical dependence builds causing devastating consequences. As the brain’s reward center is impacted, these feelings of pleasure cause the person to crave alcohol, driving individuals to want to consume the substance even when their health, work & personal life are negatively affected.

Science has found that addiction can be traced to neural pathways in the brain predating a diagnosis. However, a genetic predisposition alone is not enough to predict addiction. Typically, psychological & social influences drive the individual to use addicting substances and the combination of genetic predisposition and these influences trigger the disease.

Alcohol Disorders & Addiction

Characteristics of alcohol use disorder & addiction include lack of control over drinking, constant preoccupation with alcohol, use of alcohol despite negative consequences & bad decision making. Symptoms of alcohol use disorder may include:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Negative personality & behavior changes
  • Outbursts, arguments or violence
  • Bad social behavior
  • Decline in physical health
  • Slurred speech
  • Cannot keep balance

It is important to identify addiction & the changes in the person. Some alcohol addicts may work to maintain their work & family standards & may continue to function successfully for a long time in spite of their active addictions. Eventually, continuous alcohol abuse will cause a person to reach a point of personal deterioration that is impossible to keep covering up.

At Care Clinics of Naperville, Inc., we have helped people overcome their alcohol abuse & alcohol use disorder since 1981. We understand the sensitive nature & problems of alcohol abuse.  We offer proven counseling solutions for men & women in a supportive environment, for those seeking alcohol abuse counseling services in our Naperville or Yorkville offices.