Dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction

Care Clinics of Naperville Inc. will provide you with the assessments, substance abuse education, and substance abuse or dependency treatment you need.

Mission Statement

Care Clinics of Naperville Inc. is a professional counseling agency whose mission is to provide the highest quality mental health services to the greatest number of individuals at the most reasonable cost. This mission is accomplished by adhering to strict ethical standards, continuing with the personal and professional growth of our staff, to charge fees based on an individual’s ability to pay, and to use all of the expertise available to assist our clients in their personal growth through individual, family, and group treatment. As professionals, we believe this is our calling.

A Love Letter

Our goal at Care Clinics is to give you the tools you need to make your life better. We always want our clients to feel they have gotten more than they expected from their relationship with Care Clinics.

We often deal with individuals at their most vulnerable moments after being arrested and interacting with the court system, which can create fear and uncertainty. The qualities we have are empathy for our clients, experience and knowledge. Many times, clients just need reassurance that everything is going to be all right and now to go about dealing with this frightening experience. We are here to help them through all this, and get their lives back on track.

Sometimes we get a thank-you note or Christmas card thanking us for what we had done to improve their lives. One client’s wife said she was happy her husband received a DUI, because she got a better husband, the children got a better father and the client penned that his employees liked him better now. That is the sort of experience that makes us love our job. To see people’s lives be impacted in a positive way verses the negative results of an alcohol, drug, or battery arrest. This all can be a catalyst for a change for the good.

Our name says it all, Care Clinics, since 1981. Our actions do speak louder than empty words. We realize how we do our job can really make the difference in people’s lives. Best of all, we can even supply a hug at the moment you are most likely to need it.

We are really thankful for the trust our clients put in us and the relationship we build with them over time to help them rebuilt their lives. Our agency was not something we started to do for money, but from our own experiences with the problems caused by alcohol and drugs. This is something we do because it enriches our lives as well as those of our fellow man, and that is what God called us to do.

We make it a point of promptly answering calls and returning any missed calls in a few minutes, not hours. In fact, our phone is answered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by a trained staff member who can answer all your questions. In addition, we are usually able to make an appointment or add you to a group in that same week.

Our hours of operation are:  Monday thru Thursday, 10 AM to 9 PM, Friday by appointment only, Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday by appointment only.

This is extensive coverage to meet the needs of our client’s schedule. Our actions do speak louder than empty words or promises.

The least restrictive and shortest therapeutically appropriate treatment services

We are licensed through the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) for substance abuse evaluations, substance abuse education, Level I (outpatient) and Level II (intensive outpatient) substance abuse treatment. DHS requires services to be provided at the licensed location. However, DHS allows services to be provided at another location if an exception is requested and approved.

Care Clinics has previously provided services at jails and IDOC work release programs. Additionally, we provide individual, group, family, marital, grief/loss, mental illness substance abuse, (MISA), and stress management services and treatment.

Treatment services begin with a bio psychosocial and ASAM level of care placement assessment. The clinician then reviews all supporting information. The patient and clinician work together to prepare a treatment plan. After reviewing all information, a determination is made as to the most appropriate modality for treatment.

Care Clinics is willing to service individuals over the age of 16 who are dealing with emotional/mental health problems, substance abuse/dependency problems, personal and interpersonal problems. Care Clinics has facilities in Aurora, Naperville, and Yorkville. Additional facilities are in the planning stages for both DuPage and Will Counties. Clients excluded are those who require detoxification services or who are not taking prescribed psychotropic medications.

Care Clinics provides outpatient services Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 9 pm. In special situations, services may be available at other times. Care Clinics provides treatment services in the least restrictive and shortest period that is therapeutically appropriate. You are initially scheduled to be seen for the length and frequency at which you were evaluated or recommended by the referring entity. Based on your progress, or lack thereof, the length or frequency of treatment will be adjusted accordingly. Although you may begin treatment at 1 to 3 hours per week, it’s not uncommon to be seen 5 times per week for 1 to 3 hours per day.

There is a strong emphasis on establishing a 12-step support program for chemically dependent patients at the beginning of treatment. Following treatment, you’re provided a continuing care plan which includes monthly continuing care sessions.

Care Clinics utilizes a Client Satisfaction Survey, structured interviews with you, your family, probation officer, as well as other agencies currently involved for evaluation effectiveness of treatment services. Effectiveness of pre-intake and intake procedures are addressed prior to the start of treatment. Treatment effectiveness is reviewed each time the treatment plan is reviewed, at the last appointment prior to the end of each treatment phase, and 30, 90 and 180 days after the end of treatment, with your permission.

Issues addressed are cooperation with staff and changes in the following:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Frequency and/or severity of symptoms
  • Other compulsive behaviors
  • Health
  • Marital/intimate relationship status
  • Patterns of interactions with family or significant other
  • New involvement with the legal system
  • Work interactions
  • Level of participation in healthy recreational activities
  • Participation in religious or spiritual activities

Services for adolescents, adults, couples, families and seniors include:

  • Comprehensive assessments for mental health, substance abuse and other behavioral disorders
  • Education and early intervention programs for alcohol/drug/mental health
  • Outpatient treatment programs for alcohol/drug/mental health
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group therapy programs for mental health and substance abuse
  • Marriage counseling or family counseling
  • Counseling for veterans and family members
  • Comprehensive DUI programs and services

In the past 25 years, the emphasis on treating substance abusing and dependent patients has been primarily psycho-educational. However, since the 2000 DuPage County probation workshop on evidence based practice, we have strived to adapt and include aspects of evidence-based practice with a psycho-educational approach to treating patients. Therefore, the preceding information is a combination of both current practice and proposed ideal treatment protocols for the future. Care Clinics is ready and willing to adapt to DuPage County’s mandate for evidence-based practice.