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A Poem from our client Drew:

"Jon the Dragon Slayer"

Jon the Dragon Slayer has a kit with many tools.
He teaches them to others,
making wise men out of fools.
He will teach you how to track them,
to the lairs where they hide.
He might help you find the entrance,
but you alone must go inside.

There you'll find your dragons,
and you must be strong and true.
If you took in all his lessons,
you'll know just what to do.

Once the dragons good and dead
you'll feel relieved of strife.
Rejoice in how you've learned and grown,
you fought to better your own life.


Stanley F. Rocush


As founder and senior director of Care Clinics Inc., Stan brings a wealth of over 30 years of experience in the field of addiction. Not only is he the chief administrator, but he also carries a case load of clients with varied needs, including marriage, grief and loss, and individual issues.

His educational background reflects a BA in Psychology, an MS in Community Mental Health, and 12 hours post Master's degree in counseling. He holds the highest level of specialized certification for working in the area of mentally ill substance abusers, MISA II. He is also certified as a Master's Level Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC) in Illinois and nationally by the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association (IAODAPCA). Lastly he is internationally certified as an Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction Counselor (AODA) by the ICRC. He is also certified as an anger management specialist.

Dedicated and caring professional counselors


Grace E. Klick


Grace brings a variety of experience to Care Clinics. She is happily married to a supportive husband who shares, not only the same interests, but more importantly, the same core values. Together they have been blessed with opportunities to combine their interests with their core values to a positive end.

By writing and producing original plays in community theatre, The “Theatre Of Purpose” (The TOP) was born. Without having to pay royalties or outside crew and set design, 100% of the proceeds have been able to go to those in need. Many different charities and worthy causes have been helped.  Their love for music has also benefited those in nursing homes and other facilities. This also gives Grace and husband, Ron, the chance to pull out the guitars (or some other instrument) and harmonize to some of the “oldies.”  Occasionally, one or two of their original songs may find its way into the afternoon or evening line-up.

Grace has a number of close family members who suffer from a spectrum of mental and physical disabilities.  This has given Grace a unique background. Her parents, knowing that “We are all equal in God’s eyes,” passed on to her the ultimate truth that there is “more happiness in giving than in receiving.” (Acts 20:35)

Due to the encouragement of her husband, her own life experience, and her sincere desire to help those suffering from the debilitating disease of addiction, Grace went back to school. She graduated in 2005 with a 4.0 GPA from the Addictions Program at College of DuPage, complimenting her degree in Applied Science. Grace has been working at Care Clinics ever since.

Along with her life experience, Grace brings with her a heartfelt desire to help others by allowing each individual to learn the best way in which they can help themselves. “Addiction is not a ‘one size fits all’ … so it doesn’t make sense that recovery would be.”

As the mother of four, grandmother of six, and counselor to a family of many, Grace hopes and prays that all will come to realize that “True happiness is not having what you want …. It’s wanting what you have.”


Rosa M. Moreno


As a bilingual and bi-cultural counselor, Rosa brings diversity into our counseling services and reinforces our mission to help clients from all walks of life to find hope and understanding as they engage in the counseling process.

Donna Gorman

I graduated Pacifica Graduate Institute with a Master's in Counseling Psychology in 2002. My graduate work was strongly influenced by my affinity for Jungian and Existential ideologies and my commitment to help others to understand their difficulties within the context of psychological maturation and personal development. James Campbell said, "The Hero gets the adventure they are prepared for". Our difficult circumstances, no matter the form they take, are the invitation to the adventure.

I have worked with the Care Clinics since 1998 and have long respected their care for their clients. My therapeutic approaches include a broad range of Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and Mindfulness practices. I am a certified Yoga Instructor, long time meditator, and a competitive equestrian. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Diana Piedra

Diana came to yoga as a young mother wanting to heal and stabilize. After enrolling in a teacher training program with Duncan Wong at Moksha Yoga Chicago, Diana realized her life would never be the same. Finding quiet space in her body, using breath and patience, Diana began to see how healing yoga practice and meditation is. Fifteen years and thousands of students later has allowed for experience with many different students. Diana has utilized yoga practice to help students with ADHD, eating disorders, depression/anxiety, addiction, sudden life changes, and more. It is a daily practice, and she still sees herself as a student using the tools yoga has taught her in her daily life. Being able to offer yoga as a gift, an opportunity for healing, and encouraging new beginnings is Diana's passion. Join us the second Wednesday of the month here at Care Clinics Naperville.

Jon Wirsz

Jon Wirsz


Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Trauma Professional, Certified Digital Health and Wellness Professional Level 1
When we refuse to learn, we refuse to grow. Life is supposed to be about growth and self-discovery. If you need the kind of support and assistance we provide then take action now. An important opportunity awaits you. Our Risk Education classes alone will change your understanding of what has happened to you and what your true potential is. Start now! Take action!