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The Gauntlet Workshop

There is a difference between counseling and coaching. Counseling is dealing with past hurts or trauma and resolving them. Coaching is about the future, its potential and achieving it. Where do you need to go? Is it in the past where fear may dominate the landscape or maybe you have done your house cleaning and are ready to look to the future but need a mentor for a guide. Our goal is to prepare you and provide insight and guidance. We have just the right guide help you believe in yourself and reach for those stars that you dream about reaching.

We are seeking men and women with destinies for one reason or another have not been fulfilled. We all need mentors to help us grow and sometimes heal.

You will learn how to set goals and make them happen, reset your future, discover, discern, resolve and grow.

The group is open to all who seek personal growth and development. There are no prerequisites. All that is necessary is a desire for insight and clarity in your life.

The group fee for a 2 hour session is $50. These sessions are intended to build upon the knowledge base and inquires of previous group experience or knowledge. It is a journey towards acquiring full use of your Abilities and Resources. The name of this group is "The Gauntlet" covering growth, self-discovery, discernment and healing. Call today for more information and times!! 630-357-2012 or Leave your Name and E-Mail.