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Driver’s License Reinstatement  

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A DUI arrest often impacts your ability to drive legally and can wreak havoc on your life. If your license is suspended on a first DUI, in most cases you only need to pay a reinstatement fee and meet some additional requirements to be able to be able to drive during your suspension. It is suggested you send in your fee 45 days before the date you are scheduled to have your driving privileges reinstated. It is important to realize that just because you have paid your fee, and the date you are able to drive has arrived, you are still not able to drive until you receive notification from the Secretary of State.  

However, if you license has been revoked, there is a totally different process to regain driving privileges.   You will be required to have a hearing with an Illinois Secretary of State Hearing Officer. There are 2 types of hearings, informal and formal..

An Informal Hearing is available at many of the Secretary of State Offices.  The Hearing Officer does not take appointments.  Therefore the rule is first come-first served.

A Formal Hearing is only held at the Secretary of State’s offices in Chicago, Joliet, Springfield, or Mount Vernon.You are required to apply by mail for a hearing date. We have the forms available, that you need. There is a $50 fee to have a hearing, which you send in with the request. It can take 3-6 weeks from the time you send in your request to the time you get a hearing date.  If you need help deciding when to send in your request, just ask us.

Before you can attend a hearing, you must have completed Risk Education and the required treatment of 12 or 20 hours, if you are classified as Minimal, Moderate, or Significant Risk.  You will need to complete 75 hours of treatment if you are classified as High Risk.  The continuing care does not need to be completed prior to the hearing.

Because there are a variety of issues facing someone who has received a DUI, there are also numerous other requirements depending on an individual’s situation.  Call us to discuss your case.

The license reinstatement process can appear very difficult, but with almost 37 years of experience, we can help take the mystery out of the process, and have done so for many who, are now driving legally again. We have an outstanding reputation with the Secretary of State and are very knowledgeable about what is required. We can explain in detail the process, forms, and reports you will need, to prepare for your Hearing.  

Also we can supply you with a list of attorneys who specialize in Secretary of State Hearings.  Stop worrying and start driving.

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