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Whether you or someone else has decided you need help, Care Clinics of Naperville Inc. will give you the caring treatment you need.

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Same Day Evaluations

DUI Evaluation, Risk Evaluation & Counseling
It doesn’t matter whether your problem with alcohol or other substances is mild or severe, whether you’ve decided to get help on your own, or if someone else is insisting you need help, we are here to help.  Addiction is hard to overcome, so we will work with you to develop practical options to resolve your issues.  We work with courts, employers, schools, & families.

If you’ve received a DUI, know that your are not alone

  • Evaluations for Illinois DUI’s & out of state arrests
  • DUI Driver Risk Education -- 10 Hours of alcohol & drug education
  • Treatments
    • Moderate - 12 hours of early intervention
    • Significant - 20 hours of substance abuse treatment
    • High Risk - 75 hours (extensive outpatient)
  • Court & probation requirements
  • Probation / parole requirements
  • Secretary of state requirements
  • Second opinion evaluations
  • Outpatient & intensive outpatient treatment programs
  • Early intervention counseling
  • Continuing care
    • Aftercare programs
    • Relapse prevention
  • Updated DUI evaluations of Secretary of State
  • Drivers’ license reinstatement assistance