Extreme anger is very emotionally draining

Care Clinics of Naperville Inc. will work with you to recognize your anger "triggers" so you can manage your emotions effectively.

Learn how to manage your anger and recognize triggers

The experience of anger is a natural emotion than can be a positive force if managed effectively. Mismanagement of anger and failure to recognize anger “triggers” can be extremely uncomfortable and emotionally draining. It is the process of managing one’s anger that is the primary goal.

The goal in treating anger is directed toward personal growth and healing relationships by increasing emotional intelligence and learning how to cope with your anger and understanding so you can move forward in a positive direction

  • Self Awareness - capacity for understanding your emotions
  • Self Management - capacity for effectively managing your motives and regulating behavior
  • Self Motivation - emotions are monitored and controlled in order to achieve goals
  • Social Awareness - capacity for understanding what others are saying and feeling and why they feel and act as they do
  • Relationship Management - capacity for acting in such a way that you're able to get desired results from others and reach personal goals

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